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Impact of Currency Rate Increase on the Machine-Made Carpet Industry

Machine-Made Carpet Dollar Rate

In today’s turbulent economy, exchange rates are one of the key variables that affect many industries. This effect is more noticeable in Iran’s machine carpet industry, especially considering the recent increase in the dollar rate to 53 thousand tomans. This article examines how these changes affect the machine-made carpet industry and provides solutions to face these challenges.

Dependence of the carpet industry on the exchange rate

The machine carpet industry in Iran is widely dependent on the import of raw materials. The increase in the exchange rate directly affects the price of these raw materials and thus the production costs. These cost increases are usually passed on to the final price of machine-made carpets, which can affect demand for these products.

Effects on the carpet market

Rising prices can lead to reduced domestic demand as consumers look for cheaper options. On the other hand, this exchange rate increase may make the export of Iranian carpets more attractive, especially in markets that have more purchasing power.

Suggested strategies

To deal with these challenges, carpet manufacturers must consider a variety of strategies:

Increasing the quality and diversity of products: improving the quality and diversifying the designs and colors can increase the attractiveness of machine-made carpets and attract more customers.

Taking advantage of technology and digital marketing: using new technologies in production and digital marketing can reduce costs and facilitate access to new markets.

Reducing dependence on imports: Investing in domestic production of raw materials can reduce dependence on imports and manage production costs.

The increase in the exchange rate can create new challenges and opportunities for the Iranian carpet industry. By adopting appropriate strategies, this industry can pass through this challenging period and continue to grow and develop. Flexibility and creativity in facing these changes will be the key to success in today’s competitive market.

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